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SSL: 256-bit Heaven

Your bank uses a secure site (at least you should hope it does) for your connection and is, for all intensive purposes, blocked from the prying eyes of the internet. This encryption is called SSL and is a fairly strong encryption method. When you surf to a site that uses this encryption it is visible on your browser bar.

The image above is from this page and has the lock next to the address which is very comforting. Also make note of the https:// and not just http:// just after the lock. When you go to pages and see some form of this in your address bar you can breath sigh in relief. You can reasonably trust that your data is not getting nabbed on the way to this web site or on the way back.

Most sites offer such encryption though many do not use it as default. To solve this, I have found a browser addon/plug-in that suites just this need. It’s called HTTPS Everywhere and it was written and is maintained by the free speech and internet rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). When you go to a website that the EFF has determined to use https the addon silently moves you from an unencrypted connection to the https encrypted connection. Unfortunately, the addon only comes in the flavors of Firefox and Chrome, sorry Internet Explorer users. You should consider an upgrade just for this addon, it is amazing. Chrome users you will need to manually install the addon as it is not available on the Chrome app store.

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