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The last step is not one that should not be taken lightly. This task is more advanced and not for the feint of heart. I introduce to you TrueCrypt! Do you leave your laptop, desktop, flash drives at home when you go to work? school? weekend in Vegas? I know I do; and do so with confidence.

TrueCrypt has the ability to encrypt your data so that NO ONE can break in (as long as you use a good password). If your computer is relatively new, it can do so without slowing it down. TrueCrypt can encrypt your flash drives, laptops, and desktop PCs, making them nearly impenetrable walls of encryption. TrueCrypt uses industry leading, military grade AES-256 encryption and has the ability to double or triple encrypt your drives with 3 different types of encryption.

The TrueCrypt website has tutorials and walkthroughs, but trust me when I tell you they are not for the beginner. I will have a walkthrough for the most popular usages for TrueCrypt forthcoming.

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